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What Lucy says

I joined NEO Agency about one month ago and so far my experience has been really great. When I first joined the agency, I had about 60 fans on my OnlyFans Account, but only made a few hundred dollars in October. My first call with the Agency was with Leonie, who audited my account and came up with various ways in which I could up my OnlyFans game. We agreed that the main focus at the beginning should be on setting my account up for future success, and to make the most money possible from the fans I already had.

To achieve this, we really focussed on the direct messaging strategy and removed a lot of the “very private” content from my feed. As a result, the revenue stream from my private messages really took off. The best ting was, that NEO did all the chatting for me and I could focus on the content production without having to worry about any other side of the business.

One month later, I am now convinced that my account is very healthy and that I will be making a lot of money with my OnlyFans Account in the future. My account manager Leonie is confident that my account will be exceeding the $25.000 mark within the next two months, which has me really excited about our next steps.
Working with NEO has really helped my account to take off and at the volume it is at right now, I finally had the confidence to quit my job as a sales assistant.
For that, I am forever grateful to the Agency and especially to my Account manager, Leonie!

– Lucy